Flowers On Your Birthday
Flowers On Your Birthday

Significant Terms and Conditions

Depositing player (18+) only. Players need to have deposited within 14 days prior to their birthday to be eligible. Maximum of 5 people per week are selected randomly to receive flowers. T&Cs apply.

Flowers On Your Birthday

You know what we like more than Bingo Barmy? You playing at Bingo Barmy. So when your birthday is coming up, we'd like to show you how much you mean to us.

We think flowers are a great gift that puts smiles on everyone's faces.

If you agree and fancy some flowers from Bingo Barmy on your birthday then you need to do the following:

1. Visit the Royal Room on Wednesdays or Thursdays and tell our chat host that your birthday is next week.

2. Make sure that you have deposited in the last 14 days prior to your birthday.

3. We pick 5 players each week at random and send them a bouquet of flowers worth up to £40.

Please ensure, that you allow POST in your marketing preferences otherwise we won’t be able to send you your flowers which would be a shame.

Three easy steps: Get in touch a week prior to your birthday, talk to our chat host in the Royal Room and ensure you have deposited in the last 14 days prior to your birthday. We’ll do the rest. 😊

Let’s celebrate your birthday and go BARMY!


  1. Entries need to submit their username via the Royal Room, ideally a week prior to their birthday.
  2. Postal address needs to be confirmed and accurate. Members also need to allow to receive post which can be updated in their marketing preference section under My Account.
  3. Players need to have deposited in the last 14 days prior to their birthday to be eligible for the random prize draw.
  4. Flowers are bought and delivered by Interflora. We aim to have them delivered as close as possible to the player’s actual birthday.
  5. Players participating in the promotion are members of Bingo Barmy, Chit Chat Bingo, Bid Bingo, Bingo Ireland, Loadsa Bingo, UK-Bingo, Pink Ribbon Bingo, Lovehearts Bingo, Bingo52 and BingoZino.
  6. Only funded players can participate in this promotion.
  7. In total, up to 5 players will receive a bouquet of flowers each week.